Our History
Designer and Co-founder of "Mckee Craft Boats"
established in 1966, Henry O. Mckee had not
satisfied his desire to create the ultimate in a
comfortable, dry and stable riding small craft.
Leaving "Mckee Craft Boats" in 1974, he ventured
out on his own to pursue this vision, and
established Henry O. Mckee & Sons near Bolivia,
After several years of experimentation, he and his
sons began successfully producing the "Henry O"
in 1983. First came the 150 Challenger and later
the 179 Invader. After realizing that conventional
hull designs were not the answer, he began
creating a radically new and streamlined hull in a
17' model. This hull design proved to be the
fulfillment of Henry's vision, a stable, highly
maneuverable soft dry ride. Later versions of this
innovative design came in 22' and 16' lengths. In
spring of 1989, four models were being produced.
The "Henry O" line of boats quickly collected a
loyal band of satisfied customers.
In 1992 the company was sold to investors,
allowing Henry to design and produce larger
custom built boats. The SS 260 was introduced in
1995 and the SS 217 began one year later.
Although slowed by health problems, Henry
continue to plan and design a 23' and 31' version
of his famous hull. His passing in September 2006
has only strengthened our resolve and
determination to continue his legacy, a truly
superior hull design built by his sons and
grandsons. Our goal in the future includes limited
production of high quality custom built boats in
21, 23, 26, and 31' versions.
In Loving Memory of Henry O. Mckee